Shanghai Qingzong Trading Co., Ltd.
Prodotti principali: Punte da trapano/Utensili In Metallo Duro/Taglio del Filo/Fresatura Fresa, Strumenti di Misura

Shanghai Qingzong Trading Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai, China. The main products of the company include machinery equipment, high-performance non-ferrous metals and alloy materials, metal products, instrumentation, mechanical parts and components, bearing gears and transmission parts, etc. The products are widely used in machinery, metallurgy, measurement, coal, petroleum, chemical industry, textile and national defense and other fields. The company has a complete range of products and specifications, obvious scale advantages, related products and technologies have obtained a number of Chinese patents and quality certification in China and abroad, exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other dozens of countries and regions, with a high reputation.


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